Photo Essay: Comfort Zone

Once we find ourselves on a beach, we forget about everything and start acting in an absolutely different manner

Pauline Eiferman of Roads & Kingdoms interviews Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern about his Comfort Zone project which captured photos of sleeping sunbathers on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Whatever the ethics of photographing people without their knowledge, there is undoubtedly something calming and captivating about the vulnerability and peace of this gallery of people relaxing in the sun.

By choosing to showcase photos of people whose faces remain hidden, Cern prevents the images form being too personal yet without sacrificing intimacy.  The resulting images highlight that, no matter how self and image conscious people are in their everyday lives, their attitudes are affected by being on the beach where people relax with less inhibitions.  With such natural and unguarded images, it is little wonder that Cern told Roads & Kingdom:

Sometimes I had to give some explanations, but usually I tried to walk away quietly…

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