Video & essay: Nomads of Mongolia (6m27s)

Two views of Mongolia. 

First, a beautifully shot and edited film of traditional nomadic life in western Mongolia from Brandon Li.  Nomads riding horses, training eagles to hunt, herding yaks, wrestling and herding Bactrian camels all against a backdrop of stunning scenery and wide open space…lots of wide open space. 

See more of Brandon Li’s videos at

Second, the excellent Roads & Kingdoms takes a look at Nomads on the Grid and how traditional nomadic life is being affected by modern technology in the wake of Mongolia’s commodities boom. The availability of solar panels is fuelling a market in small electrical appliances as electricity becomes cheaper and more reliable, making TV and mobile phone use more widespread and changing the ways Mongolia’s nomads go about their traditional activities such as herding, even if mobile coverage is not complete.  (And, in case should you find yourself in Mongolia any time soon, you may also want to see R&Ks Know Before You Go guide to Ulaanbaatar.)

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