Video: The unexpected beauty of travelling solo (3m:o9s)

I always think when you’re somewhere by yourself you experience it so much more. It makes you more aware of what’s going on around you. 

From Turkish filmmaker Sertac Yuksel, a thoughtful and well executed short video which featured in National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase.

A last-minute change of plans triggers a solo journey, while those left behind can only imagine the sights, sounds and emotions being experienced.

Inspired by his own solo travels, Yuksel’s film, After the Tone, follows a traveller whose companion has cancelled and decides to go it alone anyway.  As we follow the solo traveller on his journey the images and sounds of the trip are overlayed with additional narration made up of answerphone messages from the person left behind.

A common element in travel writing is the inner journey and what Hulme has called “the spiritual dimension of travel and its capacity for renewal” (in The Cambridge Companion to Travel Writing).  Using the interesting technique of answerphone messages as a narrative, Yuksel introduces that element into this video.  In doing so, he alters a straightforward record of a round the world trip into something which explores the relationship between the two characters, the contrast between the traveller’s experiences and the corresponding ignorance and uncertainty of the person left behind as to what they are up to and the sensation of travelling alone. Loved it. 

Yuksel’s other videos are also well worth a look.  Find them at

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