Video: The wanderlust of #vanlife

There’s something about going somewhere you’ve never been in a vehicle you know is guaranteed to break down at some point.

Quirky and cool mini-documentary from The Atlantic.  It’s about people who love road trips and living out of vans for weekends, months or even years. 

Vanlifing is not about fetishizing the vans, it is about enjoying the time, sleeping in random places, camping, cooking outside, fixing broken down vehicles and enjoying the company of fellow vanlifers. 

It’s interesting to me the way just clicking on a hashtag can lead you down a path of just following someone’s trip or adventure or life.

The video follows a group of vanlifers who talk about what the lifestyle means to them and who are conscious of the tension between their social media presence and the attitude underpinning their lifestyle.  

You don’t need six figures, you just need time.

Despite the apparent contradiction between the lives they lead and their use of hashtags to support and inspire it, this video shows how a virtual community can become a real one and also how following online journeys can easily be the start of a real one. But that’s just, like, my opinion man.

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