Article: Beneath the surface in Slovenia

A ‘No Swimming’ sign.
Another toad pushed its bulk through the grate and the three of us sat and smiled in silence.
“It’s the most beautiful lake,” the hut owner said finally and we agreed.
“We really wanted to swim.”

A short but effective piece from Freddie Reynolds in WexasTraveller magazine.

In What Lies Beneath, the violent sounds of past conflict echo down the years in a thunder storm.  Seeking shelter from the storm, through a chance encounter Freddie Reynolds discovers that there is more beneath the surface of the Julian Alps than the peaceful surroundings suggest.   

Full text of the issue can be accessed by clicking on the cover below.  The article is at page 32.  In addition to Traveller, Reynolds also contributes to Huck, Renegade (RIP) and Compass Cultura.  A selection of Reynolds’ work can be found on his website,

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