Video: Enter Pyongyang (3m14s)

I was beguiled—everything is just so very different, sort of like entering an alternate universe. At its core Pyongyang is a city lived in by humans going about their everyday lives. I think a key part of travel is learning more about where you’re from and your own values and beliefs. Being in a place so very different really makes you think. (filmmaker, Rob Whitworth)

Featured in National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase, this time-lapse exploration of the North Korean capital is a collaboration between British videographer Rob WhitworthJT Singh and North Korean tour specialist, Koryo Tours.

Despite the limitations on filming in North Korea, the video moves beyond cliches and captures a human side to Pyongyang with intimate moments. The video blends movement and exploration of the city with lingering shots which dwell on details, drawing the viewer in.  Definitely worth a look.  

Read and interview with Rob Whitworth on National Geographic, here and see his other work here.


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