Article: Matador’s advice from famous travel writers

But the overarching theme of the advice of the greats is this: just do it. Do it often. Don’t give up. Consider your audience. Work at it. And leave it at that.

There’s no shortage of advice available online about how to become a travel writer.  However, this Matador article from 2015 collects thoughts from some of the most famous travel writers about how to write about travel and succeed at it.  

The article contains advice from writers such as Elizabeth Gilbert, Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux, Rolf Potts, Pico Iyer, Hunter S Thompson and Ernest Hemingway.

The advice given includes:

  1.  Treat writing as a vocation 
  2.  Be self forgiving
  3.  Write and do not just talk about writing
  4.  Do not be afraid of rejection
  5.  Don’t be boring
  6.  Travel a lot
  7.  Read a lot
  8.  Don’t quit your day job (at least to begin with)

Much of this may not be new but, it is always useful to have good advice to hand from the experienced when motivation is low.


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