Video: Kenya from the air (4m42s)

SOMETIMES you stumble across a place that seems like it got far more than its fair share of natural beauty. Places with spectacular wildlife, gorgeous scenery, and an almost absurdly beautiful culture. Kenya is one of those places.

Superb and enticing video from Matador Network.  Using a mixture of drone and plane footage, Matador travelled to remote parts of Kenya to produce this short film.  As well as including familiar wildlife shots, it also showcases the beauty of Kenya’s varied landscapes. 

The video is narrated by Jamie Gaymer, game warden at the Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy.  Emphasising the scale of Kenya’s unspoilt mountains, deserts, savannah and jungles and urging the viewer to visit Kenya before it changes, Jamie notes:

I haven’t scratched the surface yet and there is so much out there in these remote places that has not been explored.  

Sure to stoke any traveller’s wanderlust.

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