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I am Andrew Robertson, editor and curator of Travel Without Moving has a simple aim:  To help readers and travellers find the best travel writing available on and off the internet quickly and easily.


Each week, new book reviews will be added to the blog.  If the book is freely (and legally) available online, I will post the link too.

In addition to book reviews, I will regularly post travel quotes and links to other articles I hope you will enjoy.

Navigating the site should be easy.  The six tabs at the bottom right are Kipling’s “honest serving men”, and are there to help you quickly find books, reviews and articles according to:

Author (who)
Mode of travel (how)
Journey type (why)
Environment (what)
Destination (where)
Date or period (when)

TIme is precious so, if you hover the mouse arrow over each of the tiles, you can find out whether the link will take you to an article or feature so that you know what to expect.

Each post will link to other similar posts and make recommendations which I hope will lead you to something you enjoy reading.



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